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The first epoxy sealant that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria

The first epoxy sealant that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria

The first epoxy sealant that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria

Starlike® Defender: genuine antibacterial grouting for joints that eliminates 99.9% of bacterial colonies

Two-component acid-resistant, antibacterial and mould-resistant epoxy grout.

Suitable as an adhesive or for grouting ceramic tiles and mosaics in areas with high hygiene standards.

Particularly useful in combination with antibacterial ceramic tiles

99.9% elimination of bacterial loads.

Cleaning surfaces with a common disinfectant will instantly eliminate germs, but any form of contact is enough to contaminate the surface again. Starlike® Defender ensures continuous protection against bacteria thanks to the antibacterial active ingredient inside the grouting, which works by direct contact to eliminate bacterial colonies. The antibacterial active ingredient is therefore active both in the presence and absence of light.

The antibacterial sealant is able to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacterial loads through direct contact.

The bacteriostatic sealant simply inhibits bacterial reproduction, without killing the micro-organisms, thus maintaining the number of bacterial colonies constant over time.


Antibacterial grouting with up to 99.9% efficiency

Litokol, in collaboration with the Department of Biomedical Sciences, part of the Microbiology faculty of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, has developed Starlike® Defender, the first sealant to achieve a 99.9% elimination rate of bacterial loads mainly represented by the Staphylococcus Aureus and Eschirichia Coli strains.
Test results: samples indicated evident antibacterial properties, achieving bacterial load elimination rates of up to 99.9%, thus defining the analysed product as perfectly compatible with the practical needs of environments characterised by high hygiene standards.

The only sealant that ensures totally antibacterial floor/wall systems

In an antibacterial floor/wall system, both tiles and grouting must be antibacterial.

Starlike® Defender is the only grouting sealant able to guarantee this condition, when combined with all types of antibacterial tiles on the market.

Prevents the spread of mould and fungi

Fungal resistance tests in accordance with standard BS 5980.1980 have proven that Starlike® Defender drastically reduces the spread of mould.

Starlike® Defender is suitable for contact with foods 01-02.03-04-05-06-07-09 (reference numbers for food types as per Attachment II of Ministry of Health Decree no. 2 of 26/04/1993), in conditions of prolonged exposure (temperature from +5° to +40°).

Sealant for applications requiring maximum hygiene and safety standards

The antibacterial ingredient, together with the basic features of the Starlike® range, makes this the perfect sealant for applications with maximum hygiene and safety requirements. It is in fact perfect for health facilities, testing laboratories, nursery schools, schools, change rooms, gyms, public swimming pools, canteens, food farming industries and warehouses, spas. In the residential sector, the antibacterial properties improve safety standards and living comfort.

Beauty and strength in all residential contexts

  • for indoor and outdoor wall and floor ceramic and mosaic tile laying and grouting
  • heated floors
  • flooring and wall tiles for bathrooms and showers
  • kitchen surfaces
  • terraces and balconies

Grouting that is resistant to the most extreme industrial applications

Industrial floors exposed to high stress such as the regular passage of trolleys, forklifts and pallet trucks.

Safe for users due to its non-corrosive nature

Starlike® is safe for users and the environment: the same safety features apply as for normal cementitious products.
Part B of Starlike® (catalyst) is non-corrosive, unlike other products commonly sold on the market.

Safe for housing as it has very low VOC emissions

Many products and materials in residential buildings contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which may be released over time. Starlike products® have very low emissions of volatile organic compounds - Class A + according to French Regulations.

No more stains and dirt with Starlike® waterproof grout

Joints are always a critical factor when considering the cleanliness of a tiled surface.
Starlike® is completely waterproof and makes the grouting surface stain-proof and easy to wash using standard detergents commonly sold on the market.

The benefits of easy-to-clean grouting that doesn't absorb liquids or stains

The absorbent nature of cementitious grouting is a significant factor when it comes to the cleanliness of tiled surfaces: it is therefore likely to deteriorate for the following reasons:

  • accumulation of dirt that leads to the spread of bacteria and the development of mould and fungi
  • discolouration and chromatic variations, efflorescence.

These processes of degradation become more evident in humid and steamy environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. Unlike cementitious grout, epoxy grouting is bacteriostatic, does not absorb liquids and dirt and is therefore easy to clean.

Grouting in contact with aggressive or chemical substances

  • dairy facilities
  • oil mills
  • abattoirs
  • breweries and wineries
  • the food industry in general
  • tanks containing thermal or brackish water
  • tanks used for fish breeding

A barrier against UV rays to protect grouting from yellowing

Starlike® protects the colours of grouting from yellowing caused by sunlight, in all areas of the planet. As demonstrated by tests conducted in collaboration with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Starlike® is the only UV-resistant epoxy sealant available on the market.
Starlike® even protects the colour stability of grouting in the most extreme climatic and atmospheric conditions.

STARLIKE® DEFENDER Sealant for applications requiring maximum hygiene and safety standards


Seven colours for antibacterial grouting that’s always up to standard

The antibacterial version of Starlike® is available in 7 different colours from the Classic Collection: Bianco Assoluto C.470 / Titanio C.310 / Silver C. 220 / Grigio Fango C.280 / Antracite C. 240 / Travertino C.290 / Sabbia C.250.

Starlike® Defender

Technical data sheet


Download technical data sheet

Sigillante reattivo due componenti Prodotto brevettato Prodotto utilizzabile come collante e sigillante Ampiezza fughe: 1-15 mm Destinazione d'uso: tutti i pavimenti e tutte le pareti Stuccatura antimacchia Idoneo al contatto con alimenti Stuccatura resistente al contatto con agenti chimici Stuccatura inassorbente Stuccatura resistente raggi uv Idoneo per la posa su pavimentazioni soggette a carico pesante Idoneo per la posa in piscina

Technical features

Colour: Bianco assoluto C.470 / Titanio C.310 / Silver C. 220 / Grigio C.280 / Antracite C. 240 / Travertino C.290 / Sabbia C.250
Pot life: approx. 1 h at T = +23°C
Allowed application temperature: from +12°C to +30°C
Recommended application temperature: from +18°C to +23°C
Set to light foot traffic: 24 hours at T = +23°C
Ready for use: 5 days at T = +23°C

Shelf life: 24 months in original packaging when stored in a dry place
Packaging: 2,5 kg buckets

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