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The one-component sealant, ready for use and reusable

The one-component sealant, ready for use and reusable

The one-component sealant, ready for use and reusable

Monomix, one-component and ready to use, a new chapter in grouting history

  • Monomix is a one-component water-based polyurethane, ready-to-use and reusable sealant
  • Grouting for joints from 1 to 6 mm wide between ceramic tiles and glass mosaic tiles
  • Available in 15 trendy colours, to which the Spotlight and Gold additives can be added


Product ready for use

Does not require any maintenance.


Once the grouting has been applied, any leftover product, if closed in its original packaging, can also be reused some months later, thereby avoiding unnecessary wastage.

Safe for the environment

It prevents the release of dust into the environment as normally occurs with cementitious products.

Beauty and strength in all residential contexts

MONOMIX can be used in both residential and public environments to grout joints from 1 to 6 mm wide between all types of ceramic tiles and glass mosaics on indoor walls and floors, and on outdoor walls.

  • Bathroom and kitchen walls and floors, even with heating.
  • Living, bedroom and entrance floors, even with heating.
  • Common floors such as landings and stairs.
  • Outdoor walls in general
  • Tiling on particularly elastic or vibrating substrates such as metal, wooden or lightweight panels.

Flooring exposed to a high level of public and commercial use

  • Floors, even with heating, in offices, shops, places of worship, meeting rooms, bars and restaurants, schools, hotels, exhibition halls.
  • Outdoor walls in general.

Stable and consistent colours

The product does not contain cement, thus eliminating the risk of efflorescence typical of cementitious products. The MONOMIX binder is made from an aqueous dispersion polyurethane resin that guarantees high stability against light, preventing yellowing or colour variations caused by exposure to UV rays or artificial light sources.

User safety

Very safe for users, the new Litokol product is exempt from labelling as it does not contain solvents, irritant or corrosive products.

The guarantee of a healthy environment

Just like the entire Starlike® range, Monomix is similarly a product with very low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC), in class A+ according to French Regulations.


Even the packaging is revolutionary, featuring a special synthetic foam sponge, included in the tin.

"Drip effect" water-repellent

Special additives incorporated into the product drastically reduce the surface absorption of grouts, making them water-repellent.

The grouting that doesn't stain

Given its low surface absorption, Monomix is very resistant against oil, wine, vinegar stains etc.
It is also highly resistant to various aggressive chemicals.


It is especially elastic and therefore suitable for applications subject to vibrations and/or deformation.

Monomixa selection of natural colours for timber effect tiles, stone or marble


All the advantages of ready-to-use grout in 45 available finishes

15 trendy colours to grout any surface tiled with timber effect ceramics, natural stone or cement, to which the Spotlight and Gold additives can be added.

Technical data sheet


Download technical data sheet

Sigillante monocomponente Destinazione d'uso: pavimento e parete interni e parete esterna Ampiezza fughe: 1-6 mm Stuccatura resistente raggi uv Stuccatura inassorbente Stuccatura antimacchia Idoneo per supporti elastici e vibranti o superfici metalliche

Technical features

Colours: Bianco Assoluto C.470 / Bianco Ghiaccio C.270 / Titanio C.310 / Grigio Seta C.320 / Grigio Portland C.560 / Silver C.220 / Ardesia C.480 / Antracite C.240 / Grigio Fango C.280 / Moka C.420 / Pietra d’Assisi C.300 / Sabbia C.250 / Tortora C.490 / Travertino C.290 / Avorio C.520
Allowed application temperature: from +10°C to + 30°C
Set to light foot traffic: 24 hours
Ready for use: 7 days


Shelf life: 24 months in original unopened packaging at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C. Avoid freezing.
Packaging: 1 - 2,5 kg plastic buckets

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