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The sealant that changed the world of grouting

Transform all grouting into a unique and personal creation

The translucent sealant for artistic
and glass mosaic grouting

The epoxy mortar in step with the aesthetic evolution of mosaic tiles

The first epoxy sealant that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria

Starlike®, including the additive Decor,
is an innovative decorative wall leveller

The one-component sealant, ready for use and reusable

Starlike® is the only product in the world that can be used in 3 different ways

  1. Epoxy FILLER for grouting;
  2. R-2T class ADHESIVE (improved reactive adhesive with no vertical slip);
  3. Decorative wall SMOOTHER (with the Decor additive).

Unique and exclusive grouting effects

The Galaxy, Spotlight, Gold and Night Vision additives, when mixed as a third component with Starlike® create unique and exclusive grouting effects.

A single translucent grout for all transparent and coloured glass mosaics

Two-component acid-resistant translucent epoxy grout for clear and artistic glass mosaics with joints up to 2 mm wide.

The new concept coloured translucent sealant that allows light filtering

Particularly recommended for mosaics with different shades of the same colour: The 5 available colours have been carefully studied to ensure colour consistency with mosaics featuring differing shades of colour.

The first epoxy sealant that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria

Two-component acid-resistant, antibacterial and mould-resistant epoxy grout. Suitable as an adhesive or for grouting ceramic tiles and mosaics in areas with high hygiene standards.

For wall decoration with no limits on creativity

The liquefying additive Decor, when added to the Starlike® sealant creates a grout that is easy to apply as a smoother for low-thickness decorative finishes on interior walls.

With StenDecor stencils, create relief and textured decorations inspired by the stucco techniques at the heart of the typically Italian interior decorating tradition.

One-component water-based polyurethane, ready-to-use and reusable sealant

15 trendy colours to grout any surface tiled with timber effect ceramics, natural stone or cement, to which the Spotlight and Gold additives can be added.

Application Phases

Creative Spatulas

Creative spatulas is a space open to all Starlike applicators. Ideas can be found, advice can be offered to customers, always something new and why not do a little self-advertising too? Gaining access to this area is very simple.

Write to us at office@litokolchina.com and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

Renewing a bathroom in contemporary style

Renewing a bathroom in contemporary style

Installer: Mauro Bono, an expert installer that has completed theoretical and practical courses on Starlike® and Starlike® Decor at the Litokol training-center.

An original furnishing solution to complete the renovation of a porch in a creative and imaginative way

An original furnishing solution to complete the renovation of a porch in a creative and imaginative way

Two expert technicians created a customised outdoor table after having completed the flooring of a farm building in the hinterland of Rimini (Italy).


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