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An original furnishing solution to complete the renovation of a porch in a creative and imaginative way

Two expert technicians created a customised outdoor table after having completed the flooring of a farm building in the hinterland of Rimini (Italy).

Technicians: Gilberto Celli and Francesco Orsi

Work-site: Rimini (Italy)

Type of work: The surface of a table, based on an iron design, is decorated with travertine stones grouted with Moka Starlike and Spotlight glitter.

Decoration method
The iron table, based on a design and painted, measures 100 x 200 cm.
The surface was made using a technique as difficult as it is original, which took four days of intense work.
A composition of travertine stones glued with Litoelastic was then covered with a layer of Moka-coloured Starlike sealant and Spotlight glitter.
Once the grout dried, the surface was polished until it was perfectly flat and the stones were exposed. It was then treated with Litolux Extra in order to make the natural stone surfaces non-absorbent and to bring the Starlike Moka colour back to its initial gloss.
The perimeter edge of the surface was finished with Ottoseal S100 silicon sealant of the same tone.

Materials used
Litoelastic high performance reaction adhesive was used to glue the stones, the joints were filled with Moka coloured Starlike C.420 and Spotlight additive, whereas the surface was treated with Litolux Extra, a high-resistant polyurethane finishing wax. Moka-coloured Ottoseal S100 C.21 silicon sealant, coordinated with the grout, was applied to the external edge.  

Our technicians
Gilberto Celli
Via Rigardara, 15/A
Cerasolo di Coriano 47853 (RN)
Tel. +39 0541 759621
mob. +39 338 3896128
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Francesco Orsi
Via Romagna, 202
Montecolombo (RN)
mob. +39 328 5756328

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