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Renewing a bathroom in contemporary style

Installer: Mauro Bono, an expert installer that has completed theoretical and practical courses on Starlike® and Starlike® Decor at the Litokol training-center.

Designer: Laura Bono

Location of works: Brescia

Type of action: bathroom renovation in a city apartment

Method of action:

contrasting colours and an innovative laying solution, to change the look of the bathroom in a city apartment. The project is distinguished by the unusual installation of Bati Orient mosaics, thanks to the Starlike® sealant, used as both an adhesive and sealant for the mosaic tiles, and also as a smoother in the Decor version, in the shower and adjacent area.
A combination of different materials that work well together to give an old bathroom a fresh look.

Bono Natale & Figli SNC
Via Lippi, 4
25134 San Polo - BS

Materials used: Starlike® in Silver was used, with the addition of Spotlight to glue and seal the mosaic tiles. Starlike® in the Decor version, once more in Silver, was used to smooth the adjacent walls. To protect the surface against dust, dirt and various types of stains, as well as to facilitate cleaning, the Litolux product was applied as a finish.

Our installer:

Mauro Bono
c/o Bono Natale & Figli SNC
Via Lippi, 4
25134 San Polo - Brescia

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