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Colour contrasts and an innovative application solution change the appearance of a bathroom in a city apartment

The design is characterised by the unusual application of a mosaic from Ceramica di Treviso and Starlike, used simultaneously as a grout and levelling layer inside the shower.


Applicator: Giuseppe Pazienza

Work-site: Bari

Type of intervention: renovation of a bathroom in an apartment in the city.


Decoration method
Inside the shower, the uneven tiles with a yellow/orange glaze, are arranged in vertical yet irregular lines, to look like a cascade of flowering branches.
The large space between these lines is filled with Starlike in Moka to contrast with the tiles.  
Starlike thus simultaneously performs the function of a levelling layer, by filling the spaces between the lines, and a grout between the joints of the tiles.
The result is incredibly effective, the intense yellow tiles seem to emerge in an apparently casual way from the Moka surface, creating a texture of a natural quality that expands the space of the shower stall.
The Moka surface then continues on the levelled walls of the bathroom, applied with a smooth finish with a cloudy effect.

Materials used
For gluing the mosaic: K80 Export.
For sealing and smoothing: Litoplan Rapid, Starlike® and Starlike® Decor in the colour Moka, Litolux, Litonet Gel.

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