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Jing Guo Min's painting virtuosity

Monet's clear reflections of water surfaces and the delicate water lilies are brought to life on canvas thanks to a bold and equally amazing reinterpretation painted with the Starlike sealant by a Chinese applicator.


Work site: Litokol stand, 24 – 26 April 2014 International Exhibition of Building Materials - Shanghai

Applicator: Jing Guo Min

Type of work
During the important trade fair devoted to materials for the building industry and held in Shanghai in April, the Litokol stand hosted an extraordinary artistic performance by Chinese painter Jing Guo Min.
The artist amazed the many visitors by working in front of their eyes with the Starlike joint sealant instead of traditional colours.
The surprise was even greater if one thinks that the paintings were reproductions of some world-famous Water landscapes by Claude Monet featured, from 1902 onwards, in the last artistic period of the great French painter, one of the founders of impressionism.

Implementation procedure

Jing Guo Min's painting virtuosity is all the more considerable is one thinks that the almost obsessive search for endless light effects on the same pattern in all its shapes and variations that characterises these works by Monet was not reproduced with classic oil paints, but with a material created for an entirely different use. Also the painting technique is amazingly similar to the technique used by early 20th century French impressionists. To fully reproduce the light vibrations, Jing Guo Min used a palette knife to apply Starlike directly on the canvas with small, quick strokes. As in the past, the coloured material is no longer mixed on the palette, but directly on the canvas. This is where the charm of Monet and other impressionists' works lies, a painting technique with indefinite shapes made of vibrations of light and colour. An additional proof of the versatility of the Starlike sealant and
its extensive palette of colours with as many as 103 finishes.

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