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Creative Spatulas

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A dream that comes true one tile at a time


An ancient art, the real Made in Italy brand, unique and exclusive creations to give life to your project, in the colours and shapes you desire.

Work site: Venice

Luigi Giandinoto
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Type of work
"A mosaic created tile by tile requires extreme care and precision to make every creation, big or small, unique and inimitable."
This is what Luigi Giandinoto likes to say, one of the last craftsmen to inherit the ancient Italian tradition of laying artistic mosaic, tile after tile.
An activity that started in 1988 and was developed by working with the most prestigious Italian mosaic companies such as Bisazza, Trend, Appiani and Aquileia, through the creation of exclusive works in Italy and abroad. Like this refined artistic mosaic depicting the logo of a famous Venetian hotel in Piazza San Marco.

Implementation procedure
The logo was drawn to scale directly onto the substrate to create a base for patiently gluing the tiles that make up the design. The décor reproduces the monogram with the initial of the hotel woven with a delicate floral pattern on an enlarged scale, featuring a background with a decorative fountain, located in the gardens of the building.
The glue used is Litoelastic, a high-performance reactive adhesive, while the Starlike epoxy mortar in the Lime colour was used to fill the interspace.

Get Involved

Creative spatulas is a space open to all Starlike applicators. Ideas can be found, advice can be offered to customers, always something new and why not do a little self-advertising too? Gaining access to this area is very simple. Write to us at spatolecreative@litokol.it and we will provide you with all the necessary information.