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Low relief by Max from Volterra

Massimiliano Guidi intervened as a decorator using Starlike® Decor in two bathrooms and a kitchen with the objective of making them more hospitable thanks to modern and colourful decor. Particularly interesting was the use of the low-relief technique.


Work-site: Pomarance (PI) Italy

Decorator: Massimiliano Guidi – Volterra (PI)

Type of intervention: Renovation of an apartment of 120 m² in an historical building in the medieval village of Pomarance.

Decoration method

Renovation guidelines
The decorator was required to intervene in the two bathrooms and the kitchen. The objective was to make them more hospitable thanks to a modern and colourful decor, whilst maintaining the style and the original nature of the historic building.

Green bathroom
The decorative levelling product was applied in most of the bathroom, even in the sanitary ware area. The project called for maintaining part of the brickwork and the original architectural aspects, choosing a colourful decor with wavy patterns. In both bathrooms, the decorative levelling product was chosen for the interior of the showers, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for the high performance of the product: easy to clean and waterproof.

Bathroom with orange decor
The curl decorations made on the two opposite sides of the mirror above the basin provide a high visual impact. The Starlike® Decor levelling product was applied using the low relief technique. The decorations were made brighter by adding Spotlight glitter.

One chose to combine the Starlike® Decor coating in the same shade as the material used for the kitchen sink. The Decor was treated with traditional toothed spatulas which are normally used by installers to achieve a soft and wavy effect, which recalls the decorative solution of the bathrooms.
The texture achieved creates the play of light accentuated by the presence of Spotlight glitter.
This unusual decorative project was made possible thanks to the skill of a highly specialised decorator.

Materials used
Levelling: Starlike® Travertino , Starlike® Tortora, Starlike® Arancio, Starlike® Mela C.410, Starlike® Lime, Starlike® Antracite  + Spotlight , Starlike® Rosso oriente


Massimiliano Guidi
Via San Pietro in Palazzi, 48
57023 Cecina (LI) Italy
349 3939940
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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